How can I top up my PhonePe wallet?

If you select your PhonePe wallet with insufficient balance, we will display a low balance warning message. If you proceed with your booking while you have chosen PhonePe wallet with a low balance, we will flash a statement showing the minimum extra balance required for your ride. Clicking on the ‘Add Balance to PhonePe Wallet’ button will initiate the wallet recharge flow through which you can top up your wallet balance. By clicking on the link, we will check if your phone has the PhonePe app installed, which will be required for you to proceed with recharging your wallet balance. Once on the PhonePe app, please follow the instructions shown on PhonePe to complete the transaction and top up your wallet. We will get the updated balance once you are redirected to the Ola App. 


Note: The Wallet Top-up flow is not supported on iOS, and you will be required to manually switch to the PhonePe app to top up your wallet account. 


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