My Map/Navigation is not working

If Map/Navigation is not working on your phone/device, try doing the following:-

- Switch OFF and Switch ON the phone/device again.

- Try Logging Out of the phone/device and Log In again.

- Try moving to the area with good signal strength and network coverage.

If the issue still doesn’t resolve, please follow the steps given below in your phone:-

Note- Please connect to the internet or a Wi-Fi connection before following the below steps:-

- Go to ‘Play Store’ in your phone.

- In the search bar on the next screen,  type ‘Google maps’ and click on ‘Update’.

- On choosing to ‘Update’, your Google Maps app will update and you will be able to use map/ navigation on your device.


Switch On Auto Update


If the problem persists, visit the nearest city office.

Note- If you are using your own phone or SIM, please contact the network provider or the mobile vendor. 


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