How to create expense codes manually?

You can easily create expense codes manually from the Ride Tags screen. This is a convenient way to create expense codes quickly. If you wish to create expense codes in bulk we suggest that you upload a file (See the Section below)

Here is how you can create Expense Codes Manually from your Ola Corporate Dashboard:

Step 1: Access the ‘Rides Tags’ Screen from the dashboard


Step 2: Select Add Manually


Step 3: Add the following details and Save


Expense Code name

This is the name that will be displayed to employees on their app for booking corporate rides. We recommend that the name should be small to display properly on the app and it should be a unique name for every code. This field is mandatory.

Start Time

Please provide a date  and time (format is dd/mmm/yyyy hh:mm)  when you wish the expense code to be active. Employees will be able to view the code 7 days before this date and can use it exactly after the allotted time. This field is optional. Employees can use Expense Codes through Ride Later functionality.

End Time

Employees cannot use or view the code on their app after this time. This field is optional if not added employees would always see the code on their app till the total number of permitted rides is reached. (format is dd/mmm/yyyy hh:mm)

Total Permitted Rides

You can set the maximum number of times an employee can use this code. As soon as the employee makes use of the expense code for booking these many rides we will deactivate the code on their apps. This is an optional field and If the expense code is assigned at group/corporate level - the total permitted rides is per user. So each employee in the group/corporate would allowed to take Permitted no. of Rides.


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