How to set expense code allocation through a file upload?

You can set allocation for expense codes through a file upload or by editing an existing code. Setting Expense Code allocation in bulk is now a quick and hassle-free process. Here is how Travel Desk Admins can set allocations for many expense codes in one go:

Step 1 : Access the Ride Tags tab from your Ola Corporate dashboard


Step 2 : Select Add File button from the top right corner of the screen


Step 3 Download a Sample File From Allocate Expense Code screen (Step 2)  


Step 4: Read instructions carefully and Select 'I have Read the instructions' to download the sample file.


Here is how a sample file would look like?


Please Note: Do not change the column names and ensure to add a maximum of 500 rows per file.

Step 5: Add data and drop or upload the file on the Allocation Screen.


Step:6 Select  Download Error File to see the list of incorrect entries, correct errors before Uploading file.



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