How to remove expense code allocation through a file upload?

You can remove allocation for expense codes through a CSV, XLS, XLXS file upload. Here is how?

Step 1: Access the Ride Tags screen from the dashboard and select  Remove Allocation from the top right corner of the screen.


Step 2: From the Remove Allocation screen select 'How to create and upload a file?'


Step 3: Read instructions carefully and Select ‘ I have Read the instructions’ to download the sample file.


Here is how a sample file would look like?


Please Note:  Do not change the column names and ensure to add maximum of 500 rows per file.

Step 4: Add data and drop or upload file on the Remove Allocation Screen.


Step:5 Select  View to see the list of correct entries or correct errors before removing the Expense Code allocations.


Please Note: This action will only remove allocations associated with an expense code and you can still view the expense code on the Expense Code screen.


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