How can I get added to my company’s Ola Corporate account?

You can get added to your company’s Ola Corporate account by requesting your Travel Admin to add your employee details on the dashboard.

Once your details are successfully added, you need to verify your details to start taking official rides. You can choose any one of the following methods to do so:  

1) Verify your details through email

2) Verify your details on the Olacabs app

Please Note: If your company has opted for auto on-boarding of existing Ola users. Then your existing Ola account will be automatically enabled for taking official rides (See  ‘How to automatically onboard existing Ola users to a company’s Ola Corporate account?’ for more details).

Here is how you can verify your details through an email:

If you are not an existing Olacabs user (with the details provided by your company) then we will send you a welcome email on your official email address.


Please click on the Activate My Account link from the welcome email to verify your details and start booking official rides from the Olacabs app.

Here is how you can easily verify your details from the Olacabs app : 

Step 1: Access the Olacabs app on your phone and select the menu  Screen_Shot_2017-04-27_at_5.05.57_PM.png option from the top left corner of the app screen. Go to the Profile & Settings page by clicking on your name and mobile number. 

app_screen_1.png  updated_profile_pic_app.png

Step 2: Select Ola Corporate from the Profile & Settings page to provide your official email address.


Step 3: Type your official email address on the Corporate Profile page and save your details. We will send a Verification email on the saved email address.

enter_email_id.png  _Verification_mail_sent_popup_3.png

Please note: Official email address cannot be changed from the app once verified.Check your details before saving.

Step 4: Access your inbox and verify your official email address by clicking on the Activate My Account link.


You will see the following screen on your Olacabs app till your details are verified.


Please note: Your account will remain in pending state till you verify your details and you will not be able to take official rides from the Olacabs app.

If you do not receive the verification email in 10 to 15 minutes please check the provided email address for any errors else you can select Resend option from the app to get a new verification link. 



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