How to understand the various types of graphs ?

Admins can view four types of data from the dashboard home page:

  1. Activation
  2. Budget Utilization
  3. Spend
  4. Experience

Here is how the 'Activation data' screen looks on your dashboard:

This graph will help you understand the account activation trend for employee onboarding. ‘Gap from Industry Standards’ has been calculated to offer you the best insight about your Ola Corporate account and enable better decision making.

Account admins can increase the employee onboarding percentage by clicking on the  ‘Resend Invite’ button or choose to send engagement emails by selecting ‘Engage Employees’ to increase the ‘First ride taken’ percentage.

Please note: All the display values are in (% ) percentage. Absolute values can be viewed by hovering over the relevant sections of the graphs.


Here is how the ‘Budget Utilization’ data screen looks on your dashboard:


In the ‘Budget Utilization’ view admins can view the Budget details for a particular group for a particular period of time. This data can be easily downloaded in CSV file format.


Illustration: In the above graph, selected group has a monthly budget of Rs. 6000.00 and 55% of the employees in the group have used more than 80% of their corporate budget.


Please Note: This chart will not be populated, if there are no rides taken by the employees in a particular group for the selected period.


Here is how the ‘Expense’ data screen looks on your dashboard:


Expense amount and Ride counts can be viewed across  cities, categories, groups  and more, for periods like Monthly, weekly etc. Values for the top 3 or 4 groups are displayed individually, the rest are merged as “Others”.


Please Note: There are two ways to evaluate the costs for your company, the 'Expense', and the 'Rides' views .  

Here is how the ‘Experience’ data screen looks on your dashboard:


Admins can view employee experience score by checking the ‘Ride Rating’. This is the average ride rating  provided by the employees after each ride.  View the ‘Driver Rating’ tab to know the average customer satisfaction rating received by the driver of your cab.


Please Note: You can conveniently switch between ‘Ride Rating’ and ‘ Driver Rating’ views from the drop down on this graph.



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