ONE Traveldesk

What is ONE Traveldesk?

The ability to book corporate rides from Admin Dashboard is called ONE Traveldesk. Admins can easily book cabs for employees and guests from the ONE Traveldesk option from the Ola Corporate dashboard. It is one of our premium enterprise offerings, you can get in touch with us at, to get this feature activated for your company.

How can I get ONE Traveldesk feature enabled for my company?

If your company has this feature activated then Account Administrators can enable it from the Groups tab on the admin dashboard.

What type of rides can be booked through ONE Traveldesk ?

You can book all types of rides that are available in your city for your employees. If a particular ride type is not permitted as per the employee's travel policy then, the Travel Admin can also override the ride policy in special circumstances.

 Who can book corporate rides for employees from the Dashboard?

Account Admins can add Travel Admins for managing employee’s corporate travel.

This can be easily done from the Settings Page on the dashboard. Travel Admins can only see the ONE Traveldesk tab to book corporate rides.

What all can a Travel Admin do from the dashboard?

Travel Admins can book, cancel and track employee rides from the ONE Traveldesk. They can also override an employee’s ride policy for creating exceptions by providing a reason for the exception.


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