Ola Corporate Introduction

Ola Corporate is a one-stop solution for all your corporate travel needs. We help you to redefine the way work-travel is managed in your company while, allowing you to save up to 60% on corporate travel expenses!

Employees can book official rides on the Olacabs app, and their corporate rides can be automatically billed to the company or employees can get consolidated bills for easy reimbursements. 

Employers can use a simple free-of-cost online dashboard to manage budget allocation, employee permissions, cost-centers, travel policies and more.

Employees can choose to avail the ride types as permitted by their company for taking official rides. To know more about our ride categories, please click here.

You can also get standby cabs on an hourly basis with our new offering Ola Rentals.  

Get rid of reimbursements, accounting hassles and travel desk management and offer your employees a safer and easy commute experience with Ola Corporate.

Get started Sign-up for an Ola Corporate account for your company now!

If your company hasn’t signed up for a corporate account with Ola yet, you can still tag your official rides and get consolidated invoices by registering for a personal corporate account with Ola.


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