What are the best practices to report driver payments for OLA and clients under GST laws?

Both Ola and the client must provide an invoice wise reporting for the driver portion of the invoices  (B2B reporting in the GSTR).  

Please note that Ola would be disclosing each of the trip level invoices in its GSTR-1 basis which GSTR-2A of every customer would be auto populated and hence there should not be any inconvenience to the customers.

With respect to the Convenience Fee a Consolidated Tax Invoice shall be reported on the GSTN website.

It is important to note that we as 'Supplier of Service' will report the revenue received from corporates, Invoice-ID wise and similar process needs to be followed by the corporates.

As specifically mentioned in the above para, we will be reporting the revenue for both Convenience Fee & Driver Fee at per invoice level.


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