How to approve reject official rides for my team ?

Approving or rejecting official rides for your team is now a quick and easy process. You can action ride approvals from the approval request email for instant requests, or you can login to the Manager Dashboard to action your team's official ride (s) for weekly or monthly requests.

Here is how you can provide instant ride approvals from the approval-request email: 

1. Access the approval request email from your official inbox


2. Select the required action to add comments and send


That's it, based on your response we will mark the employee ride as Approved/Rejected or Seeking Details.

Please do not change the subject line of the email while actioning approvals. Also, do not use the 'Reply' or 'Reply All' options for responding as these emails are auto-generated. 

Ensure to Click on the Approve, Reject or Seek Details buttons from the email only.

Here is how you can action your team's approval requests from the dashboard: 

Please log in to the Ola Corporate Manager Dashboard using your Ola registered mobile number/email id and password. On this page you can see a list of all the rides with pending approval status.

Copy this link on your web browser to login now

Here is how you can view, approve or reject rides from the Manager Dashboard Summary page.

  1. Select all the employee rides for your team or search for a particular employee’s rides.
  2. Click on the Approve or Reject tab from the top left corner of the summary page.
  3. All the selected rides would be automatically Approved or Rejected based on your action.  


Please Note: You can also search for pending employee rides by duration and status. Rides will be auto-actioned automatically based on your company's approval settings. 


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