How can I get details of all the employees on my company’s Ola Corporate account?

You can easily get the details of all the employees added to your company’s corporate account in few easy steps.

Log into your Ola Corporate account by clicking on this link-

Please login using your Olacabs registered credentials.


Once you are logged in, please click on the Employees tab from the left panel of your dashboard.


Note: All employee details will be displayed by default.

You can  perform employee data search on the basis of  Status, Group Name or Employee Name here's how:

  1. To search the database on the basis of an employee's present status on your company's  Ola Corporate account click on the Status dropdown and select from active, inactive, pending or dormant status.



2. To  search by the group name click on the Group dropdown and choose the group you wish to get employee details for.



3. To search for a specific employee's details by their name you can enter employee's first name in the  Search by Name search box.


After performing the data search you can either select all the employees from the list at one go by simply checking the box next to the first column header Name. (See image below).


Alternately, you can select the names of specific employees whose details you wish to download by clicking on the checkbox next to each employee's name.


Once done, you can click on the Get CSV option on the top right of the page. All details will be sent as an email attachment on your registered official email id.





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